TAAN prides itself on working closely with independent local farmers, whose high-quality, seasonal ingredients provide the inspiration for our ever-changing menu. The name TAAN comes from the Thai word meaning “to have a meal” and it is also a play on pra-taan, which means leader or head of a group. In this respect, we honour our farmers as the leaders of our food. Believing that behind every ingredient there is an important story to be told, it is our goal to connect Thailand’s tireless food artisans with an adventurous new generation of diners. TAAN’s ingredient-driven menu highlights familiar Thai flavours, inspired by hyper-local ingredients and prepared using timeless cooking techniques, but brought into the present day through unexpected combinations and creative presentation.

Our Most Valuable Team


TAAN’s kitchen team, led by chef Monthep Kamolsilp, is dedicated to seeking out unique ingredients from across ThailandRebellious yet respectful of tradition, the team’s philosophy is that Thai food is always evolvingOn the menu, familiar flavor profiles meet with unexpected combinations and timeless techniques for dishes that are new but proudly Thai.