TAAN’s creative Thai cuisine celebrates the country’s food artisans and their unique ingredients. Chef Monthep “Thep” Kamolsilp and his kitchen team pride themselves on working closely with independent local farmers, whose high-quality, seasonal ingredients provide the inspiration for an ever-changing menu.

Every dish here has a story to tell. The name TAAN itself comes from the Thai word meaning “to have a meal” and it is also a play on pra-taan, which means leader or head of a group. In this respect, TAAN serves farmer-led food. Familiar flavour profiles meet with unexpected combinations and timeless techniques for curries, grilled dishes and soups that are new but unmistakably Thai.

Our Most Valuable Team

Chef’s StorY

Chef Thep’s cooking philosophy is that nothing is sacred. He discovered his passion for cooking at 18 years old, while enrolled to study Hospitality Management at Silpakorn University. After working at a number of high-profile French restaurants in both Thailand and France, he became fascinated with the unlimited possibilities presented by Thai cooking. 

The turning point was a visit to Hin Lad forest in Chiang Rai province, where he became inspired by the sustainable ways of the local Pga K’nyau tribe. “Throughout Thailand, we have farmers and fishermen who put their work before their own livelihoods. They act responsibly towards the environment. I honour them by using 100-percent local ingredients,” Thep says. 

While vowing to use only fresh and unique local ingredients, Thep’s past experience cooking French cuisine gives him the confidence to push the boundaries of Thai food. For him, there’s no right or wrong.